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We think it’s important that we’re transparent with each and every one of our customers. So it’s important that we explain exactly where and how your data is stored.


Cookies are pieces of data that are stored by internet browsers. They are used by many websites, including ours, to tailor online experiences. Browsers can only access these files when users visit the websites that generated them. So, in short, cookies are great for remembering preferences and shopping baskets. Moreover, they help to deliver luxury user experiences.


The data we collect through cookies is solely to enhance your user experience whilst using our website. Vulcan Watch Straps will never sell this data to any third parties. We’re not that way inclined.

By visiting our website, with the correct browser settings, you are consenting to us using cookies to enhance your experience whilst on our site. Unfortunately our website, like many other retail websites, will not work when cookies are blocked.


If cookies aren’t enabled on your computer your shopping expereince will be limited to browsing and researching. To enable them please click the “help” button on your browser and search for cookie preferences.

Our website is compatible with the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Analytics Opt Out.


Session (or transient) cookies We use these cookies so that you can switch between websites without being logged out or losing what you’re doing on These cookies are stored in your computer’s memory for as long as your browsing session lasts. After a period of inactivity, or when the browser is closed, they will become inaccessible.

Persistent cookies These help us to remember your preferences so that we’re always providing the best service possible. They are stored in your computers memory. They also help us to understand how you're using the site, as we’re continually looking for ways to optimise your shopping experience.

Flash cookies These are supported by Adobe Flash. They can store small files on your computer that are used in a similar way to internet cookies. They back up data so that our website will still recognise you, even if you decide to have a spring clean and delete your cookie history.


If you share any of our products or content across social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, they may set a cookie on your computer memory.

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