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A Strap For Every Passion

Sometimes you want to escape city life and push your limits, so we designed a rubber watch strap that can accompany you, whatever the adventure.

The Vulcan band has been designed with the highest quality materials and tested in the most extreme conditions, so whether your passion is skiing, diving or hiking, the Vulcan Watch Strap won’t fail you.

Our Straps

A Strap For Every Place

However, our all-new rubber watchband can go further than just the average ski slope. It’s been designed to withstand the most extreme conditions on this planet: from the hottest dessert valleys to the coldest corners of the Arctic.

The straps have been developed by British engineers and stress-tested in a lab to ensure they’re tough enough for the most extreme adventurers. The result? A superior material that is unique to Vulcan Watch Straps.

So, however extreme your exploration, the innovative Vulcan band will retain its properties. And, most importantly, it will always remain comfortable.

Why? Because we believe the best deserves the best.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that wherever you end up, whether it’s at the top of Everest or the bottom of the Blue Hole, this custom strap will be with you every step of the way.

It’s British made luxury for every type of explorer be it urban, arctic or outback.

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