How Much is A Rolex 2023

How Much is A Rolex

How much is a Rolex

The price of a Rolex watch can vary from the lowest point of $6500 right up to $75,000 if you buy from an official Rolex authorized dealer.

Prices on the grey market can vary wildly from this depending on which Rolex models you are looking at and in recent times we have seen a massive spike in demand for Rolex watches due to the scarcity, and not being able to obtain one at retail price.

Many people have been cashing in on this spike selling their watches on the grey market causing somewhat of a bubble.

This bubble has calmed in recent months, but pre-owned Rolex sports models are still going for a premium above retail.

In this article, we will answer the question "how much is a Rolex" and give you the Rolex cost if you buy your Rolex at retail and also the current prices on the grey market (pre-owned Rolex) for the popular Rolex models.

For this article we will be covering modern-day Rolex models and staying away from vintage Rolex watches as the price for these can have huge swings are there are simply too many Rolex models to list.

Vintage watches are a lot harder to value and would need a specialist to see them first-hand.

In 2021 Rolex sold 1.05 million watches, it is believed this is the most watches produced in its history, but as Rolex are quite secretive as a luxury brand this information cannot be fully verified.

There is currently high global demand for stainless steel watches from Rolex, with the main Rolex in demand being the stainless steel Rolex Submariner, see let's see what the various Rolex models are worth in the USA, Europe and the UK at retail in 2023.

How much is a Rolex Submariner

One of the 2 most popular watches on this list the Rolex Submariner is in high demand and is the most iconic watch in the Rolex range, if not in the whole watch industry, popular in the finance industry with wall street bankers.

With the iconic oyster bracelet, and sapphire crystal face the submariner is the perfect watch for wearing at the beach or even with a suit.

The Rolex submariner is one of the most versatile watches available today.

The two most popular watches in the Submariner collection are the green "Hulk" the 116610LV and the Black 116610 LN.

I have a guide that goes through all of the Rolex Submariner models here if you are interested in learning more.

Here are the prices for the Rolex Submariner:


Reference 124060 - $8950/€8850/£7500 at Retail

Reference 126610LN - $10,100/€9650/£8400 at Retail

Reference 126610LV - $10,600/€10,150/£8900 at Retail

Reference 126613LB - $14,700/€14,100/£12,350 at Retail

Reference 126618LB - $37,950/€36,300/£31,850 at Retail

Reference 126618LB - $37,950/€36,300/£31,850 at Retail

Reference 126619LB - $40,650/€39,000/£34,250 at Retail


How much is a Rolex Daytona


The stainless steel Daytona has become one of the most popular Rolex models presently with highly inflated pre-owned prices.

Stainless steel Daytonas rarely come up for sale at retail as the demand currently outweighs the supply.

If you are looking for a Daytona and can find one on the pre-owned market then you should expect to pay a premium on the RRP.

This is one of my personal favourite watches, with its black bezel and tachymeter scale, the Daytona is a real gem in the Rolex collection.

Some Rolex Daytona watches have been sold for crazy prices.

The Paul Newman Daytona is the most expensive Rolex ever sold, I wrote an article about it here which you can read to learn more.

Here are the prices for the Rolex Daytona:


Reference 116500LN (White Dial) - $14,550/€13,900/£12,150 at Retail

Reference 116500LN (Black Dial) - $14,550/€13,900/£12,150 at Retail

Reference 116503 - $17,950/€17,250/£16,800 at Retail

Reference 116518LN - $29,200/€27,950/£24,550 at Retail

Reference 116515LN - $30,500/€29,250/£25,650 at Retail

Reference 116519LN - $30,500/€29,250/£25,650 at Retail

Reference 116508 - $37,550/€36,000/£31,650 at Retail

Reference 116509 - $40,450/€38,700/£33,950 at Retail

Reference 116505 - $40,450/€38,700/£33,950 at Retail

Reference 116506 - $75,000/€72,600/£63,200 at Retail


How much is a Rolex GMT Master ii.


The Rolex GMT Master ii is highly regarded in the world of luxury watches and is another of Rolex’s most iconic watches.

I have a guide on the Rolex GMT Master ii here.


Here are the prices for the Rolex GMT Master ii:


Reference 126710 BLRO - $10,750/€10,050/£9000 at Retail

Reference 126720 BLNR - $10,750/€10,050/£9000- at Retail

Reference 126720 VTNR - $11,050/€11,050/£9250- at Retail

Reference 126711 CHNR - $15,250/€14,600/£12,750- at Retail

Reference 126719 BLRO - $39,350/€37,700/£35,000- at Retail

Reference 126715 CHNR - $39,350/€37,700/£33,050- at Retail

How much is a Rolex Milgauss


The Rolex Milgauss is a watch that was originally designed for scientists and is named after the French word ‘milieu Gauss’ meaning 10,000 gauss. The Rolex Milgauss has a special Movement that makes it resistant to magnetic interference. This watch is great value for anyone looking to buy their first watch.

Here are the prices for the Rolex Milgauss:

Reference 116400GV - $9150/€6950/£7700 at Retail

How much is a Rolex Explorer


The Rolex Explorer is the watch that was worn by Sir Edmund Hillary when he reached the summit of Mt Everest in 1953.

Here are the prices for the Rolex Explorer:

Reference 124270 - $7200/€6,415/£5700 at Retail

Reference 124273 - $11,150/€10,000/£8950 at Retail

How much is a Rolex Explorer ii


The Rolex Explorer ii is the bigger brother of the Explorer and was designed for cave explorers and spelunkers.

Here are the prices for the Rolex Explorer ii:

Reference 226570 (Polar Dial) - $9500/€9050/£7900 at Retail

Reference 226570 (Black Dial) - $9500/€9050/£7900 at Retail

How much is a Rolex Sky Dweller?


Rolex introduced their most complicated watch to date in 2012, the Rolex Sky-Dweller.

Here are the prices for the Rolex Sky-Dweller:

Reference 326934 - $14,736/€13,787/£12,250 at Retail

Reference 326934 (Jubilee) - $14,914/€13,957/£12,400 at Retail

How much is the Rolex Sea Dweller?


Sea dwellers are very similar to the Submariner

Here are the prices for the Rolex Sea-Dweller:

Reference 126600 - $12,388/€11,580/£10,300 at Retail

Reference 126603 - $16,357/€15,303/£13,600 at Retail

Reference 136660 - $13,350/€12,500/£11,100 at Retail

Reference 136660 (Deep Blue) - $13,651/€12,775/£11,350 at Retail

How much is a Rolex Yacht Master ii?


Here are the prices for the Rolex Yacht Master ii:

Reference 268622 - $11,125/€10,400/£9,250 at Retail

Reference 268621 - $13,045/€12,200/£10,850 at Retail

Reference 268655 - $39,318/€36,800/£32,700 at Retail

Reference 126622 - $11,800/€11,030/£9,800 at Retail

Reference 126621 - $14,368/€13,452/£11,950 at Retail

Reference 126655 - $26,935/€25,210/£22,400 at Retail

Reference 226658 - $27,355/€25,607/£22,750 at Retail

Reference 226659- $28,497/€26,676/£23,700 at Retail

Reference 226659 (Falcon Eye) - $31,022/€29,036/£25,800 at Retail

Final Thoughts

After reading this article referring to how much is a Rolex, you may be asking "why are Rolex so expensive", well I have created another blog post which goes into this in more detail.

Everyone in the watch industry and even those who aren't are aware there is currently a global shortage of Rolex watches and if you are looking to get one at retail price you will be very lucky to do so, if you want to increase your chances of getting a Rolex at the retail price then I have written an article "How to beat the Rolex waiting list" which you can read to increase your chances of getting a Rolex watch at retail price.

In terms of how much is a Rolex worth well that depends on how much someone is prepared to pay for it , for some people their Rolex watch is worth more than money as it has sentimental value to them.

Some people aren't prepared to pay the price of an entry level car on a new Rolex and some people are.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article on how much is a Rolex and the various prices of different Rolex models.

If you want to check out the Rolex models currently in production you can do so on the Rolex site.

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